Food-grade white beeswax comes in white cream granules with a fine-grained, matt, non-crystalline fracture; when warmed by hand, it becomes soft and pliable. Repackaged in plastic zip bags to the required order quantities.

Honey odour, faint and distinctive. The faint odour and lighter colour make it ideal for making reusable cotton food wraps, as it does not discolour the waxed fabric and does not have a heavy aroma. (Heavy-scented wax can taint delicate food.)

  • It complies with E901 specification, has been tested, and has been certified for food use.
  • 100% natural, sustainable beeswax
  • pesticide free
  • Committed to enriching trade at grassroots level in Africa
  • Beeswax from tree hives

Beekeepers are required to leave 30% of the hive intact when harvesting. The broods are free to leave and roam; there is no queen containment or wing-clipping practices allowed.

Base price is for a 30g sample

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Specification (tested and certified for food use)

INCI Name: Cera Alba

Food Additive: E901

Drop point, °C, Ph. Eur 6.0 (2.2.17): 61 – 66

Saponification value, mg KOH/g, Ph. Eur.6.0: 87 – 104

Acid value, mg KOH/g, Ph. Eur. 6.0: 17 – 24

Ester value, mg KOH/g Ph. Eur. 6.0 (2.5.2): 70 – 80

Peroxide value, mM H2O2/kg, EU 231/2012: 5 max

Test for ceresin, paraffin and certain other waxes, Ph. Eur.6.0: Pass

Test for glycerol and other polyols, Ph. Eur.6.0: Pass

Test for fats, Japan wax, rosin and soaps: Pass

Lead, ppm, EU 231/2012: < 3.0

Cadmium, ppm, DIN EN ISO1 7294-2: < 1.0

Arsenic, ppm, DIN EN ISO1 7294-2: < 1.0 

Chloramphenicol, ppb, HM-MA-M-L-2-12: < 0.3

Format: Granules

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