This great guide from Which? Compares 3 different food wrappings to see which does the best job at keeping your food fresh and lasting longer.

Beeswax wraps vs eco clingfilm vs recycled tin foil and a couple of none eco alternatives too.
The guide looks at price points, ease of recycling, how long they last and most importantly - if they are good at what they are made to do.
They wrapped up sliced apple and kept in the fridge, sandwiches as if they were being made for a typical day in the office and storing smelly cheese.
And guess what - Beeswax wraps won at keeping food fresh in the fridge AND for keeping sandwiches fresh AND for wrapping smelly food AND for ease of use!
And then right at the bottom our amazing business is given a shout out too!
This is absolutely worth a read, whether you are a Beeswax wrap pro or still sitting on the fence.
You can find the full article here.